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It’s also the last one.

I’m sure many readers won’t be surprised; having sensed the death rattle as posting became less and less frequent over the past months. When we started this site just over two years ago we had no expectations of how it would be – maybe people would read it, maybe not. Within a couple of months we had thousands of people visiting every day. Five months in we had a book deal with a major publishing house. It’s all been pretty amazing. But by far the best part of this whole experience has been…you guys. The regular commenters who shared the site with their friends and families, who gently (or sometimes not so gently!) prodded us when we should have been posting and who were always there to chime in with their own hilarious commentary. All of the success we’ve had and the fun we’d enjoyed we owe to our readers – thank you.

As much as we’ve enjoyed doing Threadbared Kimberly and I are both concentrating on other projects these days. It’s been a hard decision to make but rather than continuing to post sporadically and let this site die a slow death I’d rather just pull the plug. Comments will remain open for the next few days and then will be closed throughout the site. Threadbared will remain up for anyone who ever wants to peruse the archives and fondly reminisce about Pattern Erotica, Pantyhose Craft Week, Fantasy Crochet and much much more. Ah, good times…

We will miss y’all.

Mary & Kimberly

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Even though it’s currently 150 degrees in Georgia it’s not too early to start thinking about fall fashions. The trend forecast calls for slimmer silhouettes, menswear-inspired pants and plenty of sequins and paillettes for sparkling evenings. But for us at Threadbared HQ, this fall is all about one trend:


That’s right. Knitted spats are back – and boy are we ready for them! Heads will surely turn as we strut down Peachtree Street with these unique accessories adorning our feet. Worn with jeans, skirts or even knitted hotpants, these babies add a special touch of class to any ensemble.


Fall 2007 and Knitted Spats – you heard it here first.

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Not Dead.

Much as I’d like to blame our absence on something really exciting, like being abducted and eaten alive by a poncho-wearing band of legless, armless zombies I’m afraid the real excuses are much more lame.

Kimberly is busy at work.

I went on vacation.

While I was on vacation I sat under a palm tree and a coconut fell upon my wee little head. I immediately blacked out and spilled a mai tai all over my bikini. When I came to I was lying in a hospital bed and a man in a white coat was waving his hand over my face and asking me my name, age, home address, favorite color and who did I think would win on "Dancing With The Stars." Of course, I couldn’t remember anything. After a while a man showed up and said he was my "husband" and that he was going to take me "home." We pulled up to a ramshackle place in the country and a bunch of dirty, rowdy kids came out and were all annoying and then my "husband" was all, "Well, I guess I’ll go bowl or whatever it is I do while you clean the house from top to bottom and fix our dinner." So I started sweeping this hovel that was supposedly "mine" when suddenly I realized, "Wait, a minute! This isn’t me! I don’t have kids! I don’t sweep! This is just the plot to that damn movie Overboard!" 

My real life came flooding back to me and I caught the next plane back to Atlanta, stopped at the package store for a fifth of Jack Daniel’s and gleefully ran into my own home. But when I got back into my office I was confused. There was a large, shiny object sitting on my desk. I turned to my husband and pointed to the desk. "What’s that?" He put his arm around me and gently said, "That’s a computer, honey."

"Huh? What is…a…computer?"

"It’s this thing that you sit in front of all the time."

"I sit? In front of that?"

"Yeah. Oh, and sometime you use it for this website you do."


Needless to say it’s taken time for me to fully regain my memory. Earlier today I emailed Kimberly to say how completely awesome mayonnaise is and also, had she ever seen this terrific show called "Live With Regis and Kelly?"  She wrote back to remind me that I completely detest mayonnaise and that Regis Philbin makes me projectile vomit.

So, you know…I’m just trying to get back in the swing of things. I appreciate everybody’s patience as I relearn how to use this whole world wide interspace. I may be able to regain enough memory to put up an actual "post" (I think that’s what they’re called?) on Friday. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed…

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The Results Are In….

And the winner is……sly!  The slyster wowed us with a near perfect score, she answered 15 out of 16 questions correctly. Congrats sly!

And what does sly win?

Well Bob, sly will receive:

  • a copy of the Threadbared book
  • a collection of mix cds featuring music from the Threadbared book party (we played music from each decade covered in the book – 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s)
  • and last but not least…her very own Threadbared t-shirt!

Yay! Thanks to everyone for participating….it was fun reading your responses.

Now…how about some answers?


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Two years ago today we started threadbared.com. Hooray! And because it’s our birthday and there should always be presents when there’s a birthday we’d like to offer our extremely awesome readers a chance to win an extremely awesome Threadbared Prize Pack.

All you’ll need to do is take this little quiz below….

How Well Do You Know Your Threadbared?

If you’d like to participate just leave your answers in the comments. The quiz will remain up until midnight (EST) on Tuesday. The winner will be the commenter with the most correct answers. In the event of a tie the prize will be awarded to the person with the most correct answers who commented first. In the event of multiple people commenting at the exact same time with the exact same amount of correct answers there will be a dance-off. Or possibly a cage match.

Some of these answers can be found in the blog archives. Some can’t. If you don’t know the answer just take a wild guess. That’s how I got through my SATS back in high school, it totally works!

Please note: we will be moderating comments for the next two days. All quiz entries will just be sent to our email address, they will not appear on the site. Non quiz entry comments will continue to appear as normal. Oh, and if you take the quiz please be sure to use some sort of name (not your real name necessarily, a screen name is fine). Annoymous entries will be discarded.

Now go put on your thinking toques and take that quiz!


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Threadbared Cleans House.

Hello! We’ll be back with a new post tomorrow but first, may I please direct your attention to the handy dandy Ebay button to the right of this post?

Yes, I’ve been cleaning out my office and therefore I am thrilled to present you – yes YOU – with this exciting opportunity to buy old patterns! That’s right, old patterns can be yours for the low, low price of fifty cents and up! Genuine old patterns! Guaranteed to smell vaguely musty!

"But Mary," you might be thinking. "Why in the world would I want to buy this stuff, these patterns that serve only as fodder for your mocking? Aren’t they like, you know, all dumb-looking and stuff? I don’t want to look dumb! Dumb is soooo out for 2007!"

Well, gentle readers, do you how often we get emails asking us where one might buy patterns for a crochet steering wheel cover or a macrame owl pattern or instructions for a life-sized pantyhose doll? Let’s just say nothing surprises us anymore.

Also, while some of the patterns for sale might be a little…uh…questionable many others are in fact quite lovely. A lot of these patterns never made it onto the site or in the book because they are just too nice-looking. And the models don’t look weird enough. And no one is holding a rubber duckie as a prop.

These Vogue Knitting booklets are particularly beautiful examples. And the Sunset Craft books are great, especially the Soft Toys book which has seriously cute stuff. Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Yes? Okay fine, how about Halloween?

If you might be interested in any specific pattern that’s been on the site or in the book please email me and I’ll let you know if it’s up for grabs.

In order to avoid being inundated by hundreds of emails though – I’ll go ahead and mention that this pattern is unfortunately not for sale. Sorry guys….

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Happy holidays to everyone!

We’ll be back with new posts on January 2nd.

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